Links 11/6/12

Links for you. Science:

On weather forecasts, Nate Silver, and the politicization of statistical illiteracy
Dozens of new IBD genes, but can they predict disease?
Academic freedom, academic responsibility, Speaking of Research, and Steve Best.
Herd Immunity Catastrophe: We are ALL at risk because of anti-vaxers
PacBio Upgrades Increases Average Read Length to 5000 Bases


Shame on the Republicans Who Curtailed Early Voting
Pete Peterson and the Deficit Hawks Teach Lawmakers Deep Fiscal Irresponsibility (excellent)
The No-Brainer Progressive Case For Obama: Whether you’re a moderate liberal or a democratic socialist, the president is much better on many issues and worse on none.
Tarnished Silver: Colby Cosh assesses the new king of stats (sounds like Nate Silver needs to learn how to code…)
Liberals Worry, “What If We Win?”
The Permanent Militarization of America
The Desperate Need to End the Sham That Is the Electoral College
Thoughts on the Left at the End of an Election Cycle
Why Great Sign Language Interpreters Are So Animated
Romney’s plan to ‘cut the nuts off’ an Obama second term revealed
True the Vote observers barred from Franklin County polling places
Ohio – Wrong Ballots for Black Voters: Investigation Uncovers Thousands at Risk of Ballot Loss
Why I’m voting for Barack Obama: There’s only one choice if you work on the internet
Their cheatin’ hearts: True the Vote (self-project much?)
An Unacceptable Voting System and America’s Federalism Fetish
Romney Closes Dirty
Lacy Hunt on our economic future. Hitting the “bang point.”

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