The Mad Biologist’s Endorsements

Which will carry even less weight than newspaper endorsements, which is to say, none at all. Regular readers probably won’t be surprised, but here they are anyway (I’m not going through the whole Massachusetts ballot, because life’s too short):

President: Barack Obama. First, if you live in a swing state, pseudo-philosophical game theoretical masturbation by economists notwithstanding, your vote matters. As bad as Obama has been on many issues–as I’ve written many times, he’s not a ‘lapsed liberal’, he’s a Rockefeller Republican–Romney is worse. Far worse (and on the one issue that seems to light up some lefties, drone warfare and targeted killing, Romney has publicly said there would be no change in policy). But if Romney wins and the Republicans are able to alter Obamacare, thousands more people will needlessly die due to lack of healthcare: we’re talking about U.S. HIV/AIDS level deaths. More stupid deaths are worse than fewer stupid deaths. For people who, like me, live in states where the electoral college is a done deal, a protest vote still hurts in that an Obama tie or loss in the popular vote will undermine his credibility with the punditocracy (the Republicans have undergone full immersion baptism in the Kool-Aid; they already think Obama is illegitimate). Election Day isn’t the time to ‘movement build’ or change hearts and minds, it’s the day you make the best choice that will actually accomplish something.

U.S. Senate, MA: Elizabeth Warren. She wants to pay people to do stuff that needs doing. She has publicly stated that we need to withdraw from Afghanistan now. She has always been good on financial predation. She will be far better than Scott on women’s reproductive freedom. Do I think she’ll be the Great Activist Liberal? No. But she’s far, far better than Scott Brown, who, when push comes to shove, votes with the Republicans.

MA Ballot Question #1: NO. Right to Repair a good item, but the state has already reached an agreement with car manufacturers and repair shops, so the legislature will overturn a yes vote anyway.

MA Ballot Question #2: YES on Death with Dignity.

MA Ballot Question #3: YES on medical use of marijuana. Most legislators plan to alter the bill anyway, hopefully for the better.

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