Helping Down-Ticket Candidates: Warren Gets It

One more reason why I like Massachusetts senatorial candidate Elizabeth Warren (boldface mine):

Here—as across the state—the Warren campaign has coordinated its efforts with the state party and local officeholders so that doorknockers are talking not just about Warren but also about everyone else down-ticket. This integrates the newly recruited Warren volunteers with longtime salt-of-the-earth Democratic committee townsfolk. Their iPhone apps or printouts direct them to the homes of swing and sometime voters, telling them who lives there and how regularly each resident votes. Knocking on the door reveals more: whether a resident is lukewarm or enthusiastic, on which issues he or she needs more compare-and-contrast info about the candidates and whether the household would like a yard sign or a ride to the polls.

In my experience, the ‘New’ Democrats and the DLC types shit all over local candidates–not realizing you need a good ground game and farm system. Though I imagine they think there’s an endless supply of socially moderate, economically conservative businesscritters they can dredge up. Sadly, they might be right…

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  1. JohnV says:

    Obama people keep coming to my apartment to make sure I’m going to vote (I’ve lived here 2 years, not sure what the issue is). The only other person they ask about is if I’m voting for Kaine for senate. I have no clue about any other races in VA except I guess a house vote between equally scummy scum bags for each party. I’ll still vote for the democratic candidate because I can only assume he’ll be less reactionary on civil rights issues. But I have no idea because all the ads either of them are putting on TV say is that the other guy supports uranium mining.

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