Links 10/27/12

Links for you. Science:

Q: Why don’t apes have bigger brains? A: They can’t eat enough to afford them
On Who I Am and What I Am – A Post Full of Epic Naval Gazing
Lawsuit filed against The National Review and the Competitive Enterprise Institute 10/22/12 (by Michael Mann)
Has any “shortcut” method in ecology ever worked?
Why No One Said the C-Word in the Debates


Deficit hawk climate deniers don’t care for future generations
As American as apple pie, deep dish pizza, and gangsters: politics the Chicago Way
Young People Still Love Libraries
Like Romney, Obama Admin Has Supported Larger Class Sizes. Parents and Teachers Don’t Like It
Romney Says He’s Winning — It’s a Bluff
Why do children hide by covering their eyes?
The Great Hanging at Gainesville (Noble Cause my ass)
My Father’s vote was just stolen in Ohio… (this is why I think Romney can win. It’s also why should vote in person if possible)
Dear Airlines of the US (they need to get rid of luggage fees altogether and just add it back to the price. We don’t charge heavier passengers more either)
Are healthcare costs really skyrocketing?
The value of economists (though it seems this should be titled “The value of statisticians”)
Disabled War Vet Adan Gallegos Kicked Out of Mattress Store (this is awful. Who taunts a disabled veteran?)
Modern American Economic History in a Few Charts
America’s Crazy Uncle in the Attic
Rigged Elections for Romney? (I’ve looked at the underlying papers; I think there’s something there)

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  1. someone says:

    Oh, airlines have already raised the possibility of charging heavy people more. As a matter of fact some airlines already require obese people in economy to buy two tickets afaik.

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