Healthcare and the Lesser of Two Evils

With Election Day drawing nigh, there is the predictable patter of blogposts from some on the Left arguing that the only ethical choice is to not vote for Obama (it goes without saying that they’re not considering voting for Romney). What goes unmentioned are the consequences. Recently, Joe Firestone, using Jonathan Gruber’s* healthcare modelling, estimated the deaths due to the lack of healthcare under the various healthcare plans:


If Firestone (and Gruber’s model) is correct, the difference in a Romney victory and an Obama victory is not… trivial. Will too many die because we failed to enact universal healthcare insurance? Yes. But be absolutely clear about one thing: a Romney victory may very well be measured in thousands and thousands of lives. And if you helped Romney win, regardless of intent, you own that. It’s all on you. Whatever qualms you might have about “the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword” drone warfare policy that kills innocent people (and U.S. citizens without trial), if Romney and the Republicans alter the ACA to their liking, the casualty count will be horrific.

That’s the choice facing us: how many more people will needlessly die?

It’s a lousy, awful choice. The choice between a de facto Rockefeller Republican and a leveraged buyout specialist beholden to theocrats, ‘anti-government’ batshitloonitarians, and recidivist segregationists is beyond depressing, but it’s the one we have as of November 6th. There are real consequences here, and those will be laid at your feet, regardless of your intent.

*Gruber was the major academic architect of Romneycare and a big supporter of the ACA.

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  1. I’m a doctor, and I just mailed my ballot for Obama because, while the ACA doesn’t go far enough, it’s the best alternative at the moment.

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