Links 10/15/12

Links for you. Science:

There may be no gene which is essential for our humanity
How Not to Mentor Your Students
‘At 5% Neanderthal, You Are an Outlier’
Great moments in irony
The Australian government doesn’t care about research.


Joel Klein’s Misleading Autobiography: What the former chancellor of New York City schools’ sleight of hand tells us about education reform (absolute must-read)
Of Babies and Beans: Paul Ryan on Abortion (yes, the biology of ‘life’ is not theologically convenient)
The arithmetic of tenure standards
“Some Girls Rape Easy”
Why Walmart, Why Now? Labor historian Nelson Lichtenstein sheds light on the new surge of Walmart protests.
The National Review’s Imaginary Conspiracy Against Ohio Suburbs
Libertarianism in Honduras
On The Non-burden of Debt
The Veep Debate, and What Commentators Don’t Understand about Who Watched It (I made a similar point here)
Breaking: Billy Graham Endorses Romney Then Scrubs Site Calling Mormonism A ‘Cult’
Porn Industry Supports Barack Obama Over Mitt Romney, According To Poll
“It’s Magic”: Prestidigitation and other ways to Steal an Election (“The number one way to steal computer votes in America is to unplug the computer.”)
There Is No Nobel Prize in Economics: It’s awarded by Sweden’s central bank, foisted among the five real prizewinners, often to economists for the 1% — and the surviving Nobel family is strongly against it.
Our Democracy’s “F” Word

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