Links 9/13/12

Links for you. Science:

Can we make accountable research software?
If the Mars rover finds water, it could be H2 … uh oh! If Curiosity locates H2O, a simmering NASA controversy will boil over. The rover’s drill bits may be tainted with Earth microbes that could survive upon touching water.
NY Times discovers that scientists have real lives, too!
Vaccination and the 1% (this willful scientific ignorance is a good reason why power shouldn’t be concentrated in the hands of the wealthy)
Millipede-eating ant Plectroctena cristata poses with a millipede she has paralyzed
Caribbean coral reefs face collapse


The Teachers’ Strike in Chicago…and VAMs (excellent)
Do Top Teachers Produce “A Year And A Half Of Learning?”
GOPers now trying to destroy small business owner who bear-hugged Obama
Why Ben Bernanke Can’t Save The Economy
Why the Chicago Teachers Strike Is Really About Better Schools: The Chicago Teachers Union has pushed for smaller classes, enriched curriculum, better supplies and facilities, and more counselors and support staff.
When central bankers debunk mainstream monetary theory (wonky but good)
A Quick Peek at How Chicago Students are Performing
Rahm plays the blame game
Rational astrologies
The Deafness Before the Storm

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