They Don’t Make Them Like This Anymore

Jaguar, 1973 E-type, observed on Commonwealth Ave, Back Bay, Boston:


Why no one makes cars that look like this anymore puzzles me. I would think people would want to drive them.

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5 Responses to They Don’t Make Them Like This Anymore

  1. Drugmonkey says:

    New Beetle, New Cooper Mini….

  2. george.w says:

    I’ve had that thought many times. It must surely be possible to make a structurally modern car in classic style. Not one that reminds you of a classic style, but one of those damned beautiful cars! Practically every manufacturer has at least one they ought to bring back, instead of making cars that look like used bars of soap, with wheels.

  3. Maryn says:

    The E-type was a truly beautiful car. And not that expensive. At least, not compared to the cost of housing and feeding the mechanic you always needed at a moment’s notice. (Jaguar: Why Have One Fuel Pump When Four Will Do?)

  4. Maryn says:

    Parenthetically: A Brit once remarked to me that he thought it was funny Jag had been able to get such an obviously phallic car on the market. I puzzled over this for a long time — and then remembered, infant circumcision not routinely practiced in England…

  5. Dave Dell says:

    I feel the same way when I see a classic pickup truck. I wish I had my first truck back – a 1949 Ford 3/4 ton farm truck. Oak floorboards in the truck bed. But an updated version using today’s technology. Also, something where the gas tank wasn’t in the cab behind the drivers seat.

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