Nothing in Movement Conservatism Makes Sense Except in the Light of Creationism: The Family Research Council Edition

With apologies, as always, to Theodosius Dobzhansky. John Aravosis on anti-gay group, the Family Research Council (boldface mine):

And they know they lie.

And they don’t care.

And they’ve been doing it for twenty years.

And when I say “lie,” I dont’ mean the standard Washington, DC version of a “lie,” which is basically calling a lie anything you disagree with (aka, your facts hurt me so I’m simply going to call you a liar). I mean, an organization that decided early on that “the gay menace” was such a threat to American life that if it had to deceive the American people in order to convince them that gays were the anti-Christ, then so be it.

And for any journalist, like the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank, who claims otherwise, suggesting that the Family Research Council is simply a “mainstream conservative” group, I’d ask them to do some original research on the anti-gay literature that the Family Research Council publishes, and the anti-gay pseudo-science that FRC “cites” on TV, before weighing in on a topic about which they know very little….

Or they’d quote a study with a hideous conclusion about gays and lesbians, only for you to realize later that the actual quote in the study was rather benign – instead, FRC “forgot” to put and end-quotation mark on the quote, added an ellipse, and then put their own damning conclusion. Let me give you a made-up example of a quote about gays to who you how the family research council did this.

“This study looked at 45 gay men, and 35 lesbians. It was clear from the subjects that gay men and lesbians face greater societal pressures in their day to day lives… which makes gays and lesbians much more likely to rip the heads off small bunnies.

Wow, rip the heads off small bunnies – that’s pretty bad. But hey, it’s a real study in a real journal, so it has to be true. Except of course that the real quote from the actual study ends at the ellipse, while the FRC added its own opinion after the ellipse, while “forgetting” to put the end quote, so it looks like the FRC’s opinion is part of the official quote from the reputable study.

Gosh, I wonder how that happened?

It went on and on like this, through hundreds of footnotes. I went through the original research of the various studies they cited and found that the study reached no such conclusion like the FRC claimed it did. And on and on and on.

These are not honest people simply expressing a contrarian view of politics, like Democrats and Republicans do every day in Washington.

This might seem vaguely familiar to anyone who has crossed swords with creationists.

Remember: they never reconsider and rethink. They regroup and rearm.

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  1. Min says:

    Studies with pre-school children and chocolate bunnies indicate that the children are more likely to eat the head first (p < .001). No significant difference was found between straight children vs. tomboys and sissy boys.


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