Devil Take the Hindmost As Public Policy: The Social Security Edition

By all means, let’s delay the start of Social Security past 67 (you can get partial benefits if you enter earlier, but that’s what you get forever), and lower the cost-of-living increase. Because it’s not like Social Security doesn’t make a real difference in people’s lives:

Untitled-3 copy


Untitled-3 copy

Let’s not even get started on the historically pessimistic Trustee estimates… (although if this austerioeroticsm bullshit goes on for another decade, maybe they’ll be right!).

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4 Responses to Devil Take the Hindmost As Public Policy: The Social Security Edition

  1. Min says:

    What do you mean, by all means, increase the age before you are eligible for full Social Security benefits? True, that may reduce the number of seniors (newly defined as eligible for full benefits) who are poor, because they die first. Life expectancy past age 60 is associated with class. The wealthy live longer. Raising the age for social security means that fewer poor people get full benefits. What a way to insure against poverty in old age!

  2. joemac53 says:

    Why don’t the seniors just borrow some money from their parents and start a business?

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