Links 5/7/15

Links for you. Science:

You’ve Probably Never Heard of This Elephant and It’s Going Extinct
ST398 carriage and infections in farmers, United States
Scientists Explain Why Modern Humans Have Chins
How Australian scientists are bending the rules to get research funding


Ferguson and the Criminalization of American Life
The Problem With Satisfied Patients: A misguided attempt to improve healthcare has led some hospitals to focus on making people happy, rather than making them well.
The corporatization is coming from inside the house
Wild West Show
Our perverse centrist patriots: Everything the elite media gets wrong about American politics. Call it Chris Matthews-itis. George Packer wants an exciting politics of heroism, sacrifice, war. It’s dead wrong
The long goodbye or, How can I miss you if you won’t go away?
Educators alarmed by some questions on N.Y. Common Core tests
How Mississippi Discovered The Drug War’s “Golden Egg”: A small-town narcotics unit has built a team of confidential informants by arresting low-level-offender college students and pressuring them to flip. (it’s ok, though, if we do this to poor people?)
I cried today!
Poor People Need a Higher Wage, Not a Lesson in Morality: David Brooks’ rendition of poverty is as “representative” of people with low-incomes as corrupt corporate titans are of small entrepreneurs.
A test of education reform
Gov. Cuomo can unilaterally hike N.Y. wages: How his Labor Department can use its existing legal authority to raise suffering workers’ pay
Fashionable Bashing: ‘New York’ Columnist Knows Little But Talks Big
Are “Helpful” Strangers Endangering Our Children?
Joe Namath Wouldn’t Play Football If He Could Do It All Over Again
How Cities’ Funding Woes Are Driving Racial and Economic Injustice—And What We Can Do About It
Few Conservatives Take Police Abuses Seriously: There is overwhelming evidence of widespread civil-rights violations and unlawful brutality. Yet the movement’s reflex is still to ignore or deny the problem.
Trans Pacific Trickle-Down Economics

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