Links 8/11/12

Links for you. Science:

Humanities aren’t a science. Stop treating them like one.
Sequencing low diversity libraries on Illumina MiSeq
The two body problem: trials and tribulations of a trailing spouse
I Can’t Wait: Restroom Access Victory For Crohn’s, Colitis Sufferers
The real problem with the NIH budget is the growth in the number of mouths at the trough (must-read)


Mitt Romney, Taxer of the Blind
Bonds for the Long Run (this seems kinda important)
Yes, College Is Worth It — With Some Caveats
Pret a Manger to Take Over Old Borders Space
Romney’s Side Course of Culture
Why You Pay More for Pampers Than the Person Standing Right Next to You
Structures of unemployment in the United States
The Gulen Charter School Teacher Supply Problem
Wanted: Term limits for columnists
Ohio Limits Early Voting Hours In Democratic Counties, Expands In Republican Counties
How Your Water Company May Be Poisoning Your Kids
Paul Ryan
Science writing: lite and wrong (have I ever mentioned that Gladwell is a horrible person?)

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