Links 7/26/12

Links for you. Science:

Brown Spiders Not Deadly After All
Whooping Cough Runs Amok in Washington – A Very Scary Graph
Washington pertussis outbreak is very, very bad
Adventures in Conservative Denialism, Part 73
Why I study obscure and strange little animals
Speciation in Bears


School rankings don’t tell you what you need to know
Yes, the Social Sciences are Pretty Useful. Here’s Proof.
Nerds united
Republican senators target “wasteful” science spending in stimulus package
Zombie Nouns
The Myth of the Libertarian Internet
Only The Government Would Have Created The Internet
A for-profit health company bought by Bain — that Romney profits from — has exploded in size and tales of neglect
Yes, Government Researchers Really Did Invent the Internet
Mitt Romney on the death of Sally Ride
Top 10 Myths About Social Security: The discussion and analysis surrounding this retirement security linchpin and its future are remarkably fact-free, argues retirement expert Mark Miller.
The Value of Pre-K Education, Take 2 (I would argue we can afford to do both, but pre-K is vastly underrated)
A Self-Made Man Looks At How He Made It

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