Links 7/24/12

Links for you. Science:

Work-Life Balance: You keep using those words… (excellent)
‘First’ 50-eyed flatworm discovered in Cambridgeshire
Anti-vaccination propagandists help create the worst whooping cough epidemic in 70 years
Galápagos Monday: The People Problem
FY13 Pre-Sequestration Budget Update


Dead End on Shakin’ Street (must-read)
Why the NCAA’s Sanctions on Penn State Are Just Dead Wrong (excellent; if the NCAA was serious, it would ban Penn State until all of the officials involved are no longer associated with the university)
The One Percent Want Your Social Security and Medicare and Steven Pearlstein Is Trying to Help
Tsundoku (Japanese for “the act of buying books and not reading them and/or letting books pile up unread on shelves or floors or nightstands” which describes my apartment perfectly)
Plant Tomatoes. Harvest Lower Crime Rates.
WE ARE ALIVE: Bruce Springsteen at sixty-two.
Michal Kalecki on the Great Moderation
Bubble Standards: Why the Poor Are on the Hook for the Housing Crash
Persuasion vs. Suppression: Yes, There’s a Difference
Armored and Dangerous: The scariest innovation in the Aurora mass shooting isn’t guns or ammo. It’s SWAT gear.
Romney Campaign’s Race-Baiting Strategy Could Have Dire Consequences for America: Romney’s strategy has incorporated racial and cultural cues, both subtle and blatant, as a means of deflection from the Obama campaign’s questions about Bain Capital.

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