Links 7/9/12

Links for you. Science:

UGA researchers invent super weapon to fight flesh-eating bacteria
Higgs Boson Continues to Not Make Sense
In Gene Sequencing Treatment for Leukemia, Glimpses of the Future (and this is why, in the short term, microbial genomics will be profitable and human genomics won’t be)
The wages of a life science Ph.D. (not high!)


A GOP dilemma that isn’t a dilemma
Watching Behavior Before Writing the Rules
What is a bank loan?
Wisconsin state senator pushes bill classifying single parenthood as child abuse
RENT INCREASES OUTPACE MODEST HOME PRICE RISES, REPORTS TRULIA (Boston saw an average rent increase of 10.3% last year?!?)
I was a right-wing child star: At 13, I gave a speech at CPAC. Four years later, I renounced conservatives — and they attacked me for it
Taxes at the Top
MMT, The Euro and The Greatest Prediction of the Last 20 Years
The successful drowning of local and state government
Want to keep AC on? Bury power lines
What lies behind the battle over the New York Public Library: The NYPL wants to ‘replace books with people’, but do we have to turn our beaux-arts research library into a giant internet cafe?
Warren: What Republicans want to take away

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