Ducklings in Progress at Boston’s Public Garden

I’ve posted recently about an unfortunate duck and her humble abode (lucky ducky? You decide). Yesterday, I managed to catch the egg to duckling transition. First, the egg:


The duckling:


Here’s a close-up–the yellow fluff by the duck’s foot is a duckling:


Not something you see every day. And because I can:

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2 Responses to Ducklings in Progress at Boston’s Public Garden

  1. Frank Carpenter says:


    I’d like to say thank you for these snapshots of Boston.
    It’s been a couple of decades since I’ve lived there (I’m now in the Nashoba Valley), but your attention to what makes Boston the most livable city in the US makes me miss the place.

    I also hope someone out there gets this; those ducks are there and well attended because of the dedicated staff of the Boston Parks and Recreation Department. Public employees, otherwise known as leaches.

  2. Chris says:

    Driving late to work as rush hour subsided on a busy route 2 intersection, I was amazed and pleased to watch as cars in all directions slowed or stopped to let a parent and 3 ducklings slowly waddle across the road. Kind of elemental understanding living things have for one another.

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