Why the PPACA Flare Up Won’t Matter in November

Outsourced to Ed at Gin and Tacos (boldface mine):

My insurance provider sent out an email to every member this afternoon noting, and I’m paraphrasing only slightly here, “We know that you’ve heard a ton about the health care law and the Supreme Court today, and we’d like to remind you that absolutely nothing has changed about your coverage.” That is an important point that is rapidly getting lost in the deluge of words in your email inbox and on your social networking sites. For the overwhelming majority of us, nothing is different. All this law really did from day one is create some new rules for insurance companies and require individuals to obtain coverage (with numerous exceptions, subsidies, and so on). One of my friends earnestly emailed me and asked if health care was free now. Lots of right wingers appear to believe that government-run medicine is now a reality. Many people are going to be genuinely surprised to wake up and find out that nothing really happened.

Obamacare will make things somewhat better for some people–that’s been the experience in Massachusetts. But most people won’t see any noticeable improvement in their healthcare experience: they will still receive the same mediocre, over-priced healthcare they had before all the fuss.

What is frustrating is that we would have had equally intense battles with the Republican Uruk-hai if we had passed a Medicare-for-all option, but it would have been much more popular and better understood. And winning would have felt like victory, not running just to stand still.

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