Links 6/30/12

Links for you. Science:

Her nest disturbed by the photographer, a Solenopsis thief ant worker exudes a droplet of venom on her stinger and waves it in the air (Alex Wild is still nuts. In a good way)
Economists Are Overconfident. So Are You (interesting point about data visualization)
Herbert Gintis: On the Evolution of Human Morality (a comment on Steven Pinker)
What We’ve Learned About Graduate Students
New Support for an Old Story


Ginsburg’s Concurrence: The Gift that Keeps Giving
Attack Dog Jennifer Rubin Muddies the Washington Post’s Reputation (excellent)
Healthcare Upheld!
Letter to Samuel Chase from John Adams about the Declaration of Independence
Liberalism Agonistes
Is the Bible a Threat to National Security? A military Bible paints war as religious devotion. What could go wrong?
A Breakdown of the MBTA and its Financial Status
Whither t = 1.92?
How Today’s Supreme Court Decision Will Help Unleash American Innovation
Men On The Supreme Court Steps Are Shouting Angrily About THIS?

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