Links 6/15/12

Links for you. Science:

Kidney-Damage Drug Seen Attacking Spread of Superbacteria
Science Literacy: A Worldwide Look
Creationists vs. Evolutionists: An American Story (I put this here for debate; I don’t buy that there was a truce. These flames were fanned by the Right for their own political gain. The arsonist and the fireman are both passionate about fire, but they are not the moral equivalent of each other)
To control cannibal toads, you just need the right bait
Creationism isn’t innocuous


Times Have Changed, It’s OK to Lie
The Worst Possible Thing They Could Do Is Borrow More Money Because Austerity
When he talks about education, Mitt Romney leaves out the most important word in his plan
Our Mr. Brooks Leads Us Home
No mention of ‘bisexual,’ ‘transgender’ under Romney: Words brought halt to antibullying guide
Useless in Mitt World
Why Unions Are Necessary
Public Sector Layoffs and the Battle Between Obama and Conservative States
Rolling the Dice at the ‘Times-Picayune’
Don’t Think We Need Firefighters? We Need Firefighters.
Technocrats move over, we need to read some books
MassDOT wants to rebuild the Bowker Overpass
What Hurts Children More: Having Lesbian and Gay Parents, or Junk Science About Their Parents?
The Stock Bubble Created the Budget Surplus: Not Bill Clinton’s Tax and Spending Policies
The 20 Million (“Help wanted: Salary: $19,000 (some may be withheld or stolen). No health insurance, paid sick days or paid vacation. Opportunity for advancement: nearly nil.”)

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  1. physicalist says:

    Debate? What’s to debate? Wright’s “highly conjectural” theory is completely uninformed by history. “Intelligent Design” was rolling in the 90s. Which was replacing “Creation Science” from the 80s. And on and on back to Scopes in the 20s.

    What is true, I think, is that anti-evolutionism was held in abeyance by the pro-science attitude following WWII. Science (physics in particular) was seen as having won WWII by developing the bomb. Science was power.

    Basically, the pro-war aspect of Republicans won out over the fundamentalist anti-science aspect, and this lasted through the cold war. Enough people realized that embracing stupidity was bad (though they were motivated primarily by fear) that science could win out over creationism without too much struggle.

    But then the cold war ended, and people no longer needed science to keep the bogey man at bay. So the know-nothings are again on the rise.

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