Links 6/8/12

Links for you. Science:

Learning by Making: American kids should be building rockets and robots, not taking standardized tests.
Did Early Birds Exterminate Giant Insects?
Vaccinations of US children declined after publication of now-refuted autism risk
Is NIH Intramural research “unique”….and at what cost?
Even our electricity is vulnerable to climate change
Use it or lose it?


The Pearsonizing of the American Mind
Question criticized as charter-school ‘propaganda’ pulled from CPS tests
This Week: $4,500 for a Better SAT Score? The College Board’s Unfair New Program: Why is the organization that administers the SAT selling access to a “special” test date — at $4,500 a pop? (because there are plenty of people who can pay this. Inequality is awesome)
Sleeping in Vermont Dumpster Shows Psychiatric Cuts’ Cost
Is Lack of Worker Skills Responsible for High Unemployment?
The Polarizing Poles: Yet Another Study Shows That More Knowledgeable Conservatives Are *Worse* on Global Warming
There Is a Club, Ep. # 56,772
Less than zero
Meet the Contraception “immiseration” Guru
Abstinence-Only’s Success Depends on Your Priorities
Is it Austerity or Is It Theft?

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