Links 6/7/12

Links for you. Science:

Does America Really “NEED” More Scientists and Engineers? Responding to Slate
Trade rules must be tightened to halt frog-killing fungus
All Men Can’t Jump: Why nearly every sport except long-distance running is fundamentally absurd.
Hey, Brother, Can You Spare a Hubble? DOD: Sure! Have Two
25,000 signatures and still rolling: Implications of the White House petition
Data munging


Third World USA: Kids in Wisconsin don’t have clean, safe drinking water (it’s a Tea Party nation, you just live in it)
Responding to Shirky on the Washington Post: Transformation is required, and transformation takes investment (the key thing is the quality of the product)
A Good Time To Spend Money on Infrastructure Repair
Obama’s 2008 Donors Don’t Give In 2012 (why should small donors give? By and large, Obama hasn’t done anything for them)
Burst DC Pipe a Glimpse at Our Rotting Foundations
The Education of Dasmine Cathey (this is one more reason why we should pay college players)
“Don’t Eat Fortune’s Cookie”
Research: It’s so important that someone else should pay for it
Cracking Down on Sugary Drinks
The most interesting findings — and the most interesting chart — from Pew’s mega survey
Fighting Back Against Big Water
American Values Survey: QUESTION DATABASE
As Yale’s Blunder Deepens, Singapore Bares Its Teeth
Beyond the Money, the Great Wisconsin Recall Election of 2012 Has Been the Fight Our Democracy Deserves

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  1. johnV says:

    Until America can get around to making more jobs for scientists, the last thing it needs is to make more scientists. Well, second to last thing. Last thing is importing as many scientists as possible from other countries.

    Unless the goal is to depress wages as much as possible, in which case produce as many scientists as possible and import any you can get your hands on.

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