Links 6/5/12

Links for you. Science:

What data can and cannot do: Jonathan Gray argues that aspiring data journalists and civic data hackers should strive to cut back on data-driven hype and to cultivate a more critical literacy towards their subject matter (anyone who professionally works with data knows that raw data isn’t really ‘raw’)
Are We in the Midst Of a Sixth Mass Extinction?
Do Flying Wind Turbines Make Sense?
A God Gene? (the link is to Carl Zimmer’s excellent comment)
Why Science Education Won’t Solve Our Climate Problems


Infuriating centrists (must read)
Electro-Shock Torture School Donates Exclusively To Mass. Dems
What did you do at work today, Daddy?
The Two Lines That Never Cross: Football is the most popular sport in America and probably the most dangerous. One has nothing to do with the other, and won’t.
Here’s The Chart That Will Get Obama Fired… (this is only part of the story. The other part is doing nothing useful about the housing crisis)
Nice Things and Why We Can’t Have Them
Major Disincentive to Get Off Welfare (California)–it’s worth reading about what the welfare system is like for those in it
This week in the War on Women: Shut your stupid ladyhole, no one cares what you think
Mitt Romney tries to attack Obama on student debt despite his own poor record in Massachusetts
Unclear on the Concept
On ‘This Week,’ Paul Krugman Destroys Romney Surrogate, Calls Ryan Plan a ‘Fraud’
Closing The Book On The Bush Legacy
Paul Krugman, European celebrity: In the United States, Krugman writes a newspaper column. In Europe, his ideas make headlines

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