Links 5/10/12

Links for you. Science:

Why Don’t We Study Bed Bugs?
The Climate Fixers: Is there a technological solution to global warming?
Where Are All the Disabled Scientists?
Why Stopping Weight Gain is More Important Than Losing Weight
Japan Is Now Running on 0% Nuclear Power. That Means Using More Fossil Fuels. (I discussed this here)


America’s “Painter of Light” Traded Money for Respect, but Wound Up with Neither (great read)
The Myth of the Reagan Democrats
China’s dead baby pills: probably a sad story of misinformation and miscommunication
Warren Buffett Wants To Crush Billionaires With A Retroactive 90% Wealth Tax (not a bad thing, but we don’t need it for revenue reasons)
Stately Whine Manor
The War on Data Collection
Are Women Too Stupid To Understand Abortion?
Economics professor in London: ‘They aren’t here to learn, they’re here to pass’
Does American Democracy Still Work?
Obama and Marriage Equality
When A Medieval Knight Could Marry Another Medieval Knight
Governor Who Cut Funding for Sexual Assault Victims Has Son Who Was Charged With Sexual Assault

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