Hypnotic Thieves

This is a news item, but I’m not sure I believe it. By way of Universal Hub, we read the following:

Police have received one report of an elderly victim being approached by Asian females in the Chinatown area and scammed into surrendering valuables to the suspects. Officers would like to take this opportunity to alert community members to be vigilant. Investigators have also received information that similar scams have occurred in other areas of the country including New York City.

Incident Description:

On Monday, April 16, 2012, officers from District A-1(Downtown) took a report from a victim, who spoke only Cantonese, stating that she was approached by three Asian female while walking in Chinatown. One of the suspects tapped the victim on the shoulder. The victim stated the suspect spoke to her in Cantonese for about five minutes and asked random questions about the victim’s family members.

The victim stated to officers she believes during the conversation she was hypnotized. The victim stated that she did not speak to the other two suspects. The victim further stated that she did not agree to be hypnotized by the suspect.

After the conversation with the suspect, the victim returned to her home with a plastic bag which was handed to her by one of the three suspects. The victim retrieved all of her valuables which included jewelry and $160,000.00 in US Currency. The victim placed the valuables in the plastic bag and handed over the plastic bag to the three suspects in the area of the Boston Common near Province Street.

The females are described as Asian, between 30-40 years old, between 5’ feet and 5′feet 5 inches, and between 110 pounds to 135 pounds.

Hypnosis? Really? With an unwilling subject? Discuss.

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3 Responses to Hypnotic Thieves

  1. mrtoads says:

    Being hypnotized is less embarrassing than being fooled.

  2. johnV says:

    Yes, the other day I too was “hypnotized” and handed over the “$160,000 USD” I keep handy in my apartment.

    I assume my $500 renter’s insurance deductible applies so I’ll just take $159,500 in $10s and $20s.

  3. It matters not what we believe, it matters what her insurers believe, and they are a very incredulous lot.

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