Links 5/7/12

Links for you. Science:

At an urban L.A. school, nature grows — and test scores too
What Happened to Our Friendly Enterococci?
Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea: How We Lost Track
Guest Post: Paul Orwin from CSUSB on an undergraduate microbial genome sequencing project
Dog Food Linked to Salmonella Infections in 14 People


Bank of America’s Protection Detail
Krugman and Spitzer: a conversation your apolitical relatives need to hear
Downtown at night, in the fog
Not a movie set
Romney’s Red Herring: Blaming Regulation On Fishing Woes That Smart Regulations Could Have Prevented
Anti-intellectualism, déjà vu.
How the 1% think about their wealth
Junior Seau Is Dead Cont.
Why College Football Should Be Banned
Supermoon Over Southern California
Ronnie Gordon: the voice of London. Ronnie Gordon arrived in the capital in 1957 as one of the Windrush generation. He tells how he built his new life in the city’s clubs, playing soul, ska and reggae with the best musicians Britain had to offer
Who Are the Missing 5.8 Million?
Best Healthcare In The World Blah Blah

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