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When People Buy a House, They’re Buying a Student Body

At Business Insider, Gregor MacDonald writes in “The World Has Little Use For A Suburban American Single Family Home Priced Over $250K” (boldface mine): If there’s one asset the world has little use for, it’s an American single family home … Continue reading

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Links 4/26/12

Links for you. Science: MRSA Gene that Enhances Superbug’s Virulence Is On the Rise Researchers announce GenomeSpace environment to connect genomic tools Genetic Auditing Why does PLoS hate openness? RNA studies under fire Other: Welcome to the Tribe Net Immigration … Continue reading

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A Very Skinny Building

Observed in South Boston, at the corner of Dorchester Street and East Broadway: It’s like it’s butt fell off. It must be really weird to live in an apartment in that building.

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The Crisis of Big Science: Why Misunderstanding Money Matters

Nobel Prize recipient and physicist Steven Weinberg is not optimistic about the future of big science projects like various particle colliders (boldface mine): Big science is in competition for government funds, not only with manned space flight, and with various … Continue reading

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Links 4/25/12

Links for you. Science: Fight Against Measles Appears Stalled The eastern ant cricket Myrmecophilus pergandei Breaking: Private company does indeed plan to mine asteroids… and I think they can do it (sure, this seems great until someone brings home the … Continue reading

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An Odd Boston Common Monument

Usually, in public places, especially those with a lot of history, monuments often commemorate an important person or event: the Lincoln Memorial, various war memorials, and so on. The Boston Common is no different, with several large memorials featured prominently. … Continue reading

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Models, Prediction and Throwing a Baseball: Why Black Box Approximation Is Not Casuality

Last week, I linked to a video of economist Gerd Gigerenzer in which he argued that heuristics and simple rules are not cognitive flaws but actually perform better in the face of the unknowable and uncertain. That’s an important point … Continue reading

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Links 4/24/12

Links for you. Science: Faculty Advisory Council Memorandum on Journal Pricing Defeating Bacteria From the Inside Out How Little Sleep Can You Get Away With? Why I don’t trust the ant traders, exhibit A Performance comparison of benchtop high-throughput sequencing … Continue reading

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Social Security Is Still Doomed Sometime in the Future Based on Questionable Assumptions

It never ends. The Social Security Trustees released their report yesterday, and they now predict that the Social Security Trust Fund will no longer be able to pay out full benefits after 2033. Last year, it was 2036. As Atrios … Continue reading

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It Sure Looks Like There’s a PhD Glut, Especially If You’re a Young PhD

And especially if you’re interested in traditional industry or academia. Comrade PhysioProf, however, declares: There is a big fucken snivel-fest going on over at DrugMonkey about how terrible it is for universities to increase the number of PhDs they award … Continue reading

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