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The Politics of Ni Shagu Nazad!

No, that’s not an obscure Tolkien reference. It’s Russian and means ‘Not one step back’ (Comrades!!!). It was the slogan invented by Stalin to inspire hope in the Soviet army as the Nazis rolled over them. Which brings us to … Continue reading

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Links 4/27/12

Links for you. Science: Your ability to imagine a number line may not be hardwired after all In the oceans, aliens lie hidden and waiting White House Promotes a Bioeconomy (report here) The Use of Antibiotics in Shrimp Farming Comparison … Continue reading

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GOP Rep. Paul Ryan Turns His Back on Ayn Rand

My, what a difference a little criticism by religious, but not wackaloonitarian, people makes. Republican Rep. Paul Ryan in 2003: “I give out ‘Atlas Shrugged’ as Christmas presents, and I make all my interns read it. Well… I try to … Continue reading

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When People Buy a House, They’re Buying a Student Body

At Business Insider, Gregor MacDonald writes in “The World Has Little Use For A Suburban American Single Family Home Priced Over $250K” (boldface mine): If there’s one asset the world has little use for, it’s an American single family home … Continue reading

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Links 4/26/12

Links for you. Science: MRSA Gene that Enhances Superbug’s Virulence Is On the Rise Researchers announce GenomeSpace environment to connect genomic tools Genetic Auditing Why does PLoS hate openness? RNA studies under fire Other: Welcome to the Tribe Net Immigration … Continue reading

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A Very Skinny Building

Observed in South Boston, at the corner of Dorchester Street and East Broadway: It’s like it’s butt fell off. It must be really weird to live in an apartment in that building.

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The Crisis of Big Science: Why Misunderstanding Money Matters

Nobel Prize recipient and physicist Steven Weinberg is not optimistic about the future of big science projects like various particle colliders (boldface mine): Big science is in competition for government funds, not only with manned space flight, and with various … Continue reading

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