Links 4/26/12

Links for you. Science:

MRSA Gene that Enhances Superbug’s Virulence Is On the Rise
Researchers announce GenomeSpace environment to connect genomic tools
Genetic Auditing
Why does PLoS hate openness?
RNA studies under fire


Welcome to the Tribe
Net Immigration From Mexico Now at Zero
How I Became a ‘Post-Zionist’: Liberal Zionists Speak Out
Bail is Busted: How Jail Really Works
Top Experts Diss Housing Market Bullishness, Foresee Protracted Headwinds
Randy Wray: The Job Guarantee and Real World Experience
Let’s beef up Social Security benefits instead of cutting them
Trust Fund Exhaustion: A Moving Target
Why the United States Isn’t Europe
Social Security Hurt by Republican Jobs Obstructionism
A Fairly Strong Claim of Discrimination (why would one do this in the first place under the guise of ‘education’)
Unearned Privilege as the American Way
“Sometimes Jesus Is Just Plain Wrong”
Interview, MERS RICO complaint: Doug Welborn, State District Court Clerk vs. MERSCORP Shareholders and Trustees (“the banksters”)
The American Conservative: “Extractive Elites” and “Macro-Corruption”
In Brief: Mitt Romney Is Breathtakingly Vile
Can an Algorithm Write a Better News Story Than a Human Reporter?

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