Road Rage in the City

From the urban hellhole known as Back Bay, March 1 (as reported by The Boston Courant):

On Thursday, March 1 at 1:48 pm , District 4 officers responded to a reprot of an assault and battery in the first block of Newbury Street. A valet explained that a woman had tried to park her car in a posted valet spot, which was blocked by orange cones. He explained that she couldn’t park there, but the woman said she had an appointment and was leaving her car there. She picked up the cones, threw then into a nearby pickup truck and got back into her car to park. The valet, standing in front of her vehicle, repeatedly told her she could not park in the spot. She replied, “If you don’t move, I will keep going!” She hit the valet in the legs about five times, but he declined medical attention.

Two witnesses, including someone who had videotaped the incident, corroborated the victim’s story.

The woman admitted to hitting the valet and maintained that she could use the space due to her appointment. The officers explained that she couldn’t hit people with her car (I guess you really can’t assume drivers know the basics around here) and that she was illegally parked. The suspect replied that the valet should go back to his own country. The officers said she would have to be issued with a summons to Boston Municipal Court for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and that she had to move her car. “Thank you very much,” she replied.

But, if you think she was genuinely appreciative of the cops giving a summons rather than arresting her, think again. The woman exited her vehicle and yelled, “If you tow my car, you will be sorry!” The 80-year-old suspect walked into a Newbury Street building, leaving her care, which had a handicapped placard, in the valet space. The officers also issued her a paring ticket and contacted the Registry of Motor Vehicles to request a hearing about the possible suspension of the suspect’s license.

I can’t wait to hear where she parks for her court appointment and how this traffic cone-tossing driver got a handicapped placard.

Looking on the bright side of things, I suppose an eighty-year old who is hurling traffic cones around and bawling out cops is at least physically healthy….

Never a dull moment.

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  1. andrewD says:

    I think the saying “act your age and not your hat size” applies here

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