Links 4/13/12

Links for you. Science:

Red meat & mortality & the usual bad science
How small is Wasmannia auropunctata, the little fire ant?
Waste not, want not? Poultry “feather meal” as another source of antibiotics in feed
Horrific statistical BS from autism geneticist in New York Times
Reading without understanding: baboons can tell real English words from fake ones


Cats will do anything to get to novel sources of water.
Trade Agreements Produce Winners and Losers, and the Losers Aren’t Very Happy About It (even I have a hard time believing that the majority of economists are this detached from reality)
Darryl Settles cancels plan for boutique Bay Village hotel (I can understand lots of people getting upset about a common view–the 27 story hotel going up in Back Bay. But one family’s view? Wow)
Warren’s Money vs. Scott Brown’s Story: The Standoff (she needs to stop listening to the DCCC assholes and run it her way–don’t make someone else’s mistakes)
Grant Program Supported Up To 75,000 Wind And Solar Jobs: Congress Killed It Anyway
Robert Samuelson Shows that the Post Has no Fact Checkers on Its Opinion Pages
Why Obama’s JOBS Act Couldn’t Suck Worse
The Romney/Ryan Budgets Cuts In Anti-Poverty Spending Would Disproportionately Impact Women
You Want a Trial? You Got a Trial. Don’t Make It a Show.
Robert Lawrence misleads the New York Times on manufacturing
The Umbrage Game

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