Links 3/28/12

Links for you. Science:

Tennessee Joins the Anti-Evolution Parade and Ignores the Experts
Oldest US natural history museum offers rare peek
Return of Waspzilla
No comments please, we’ve made it through peer review (?)


Non-partisan articles of faith (the vapidness of ‘bipartisanship’)
What Happens When A 35-Year-Old Man Retakes The SAT? (it’s funny, but the observation that his English scores went up ~200 points is interesting)
Jackie Robinson, Trayvon Martin and the Sad History of Sanford, Florida
Why I’m Shock-Raged by the New Orleans Saints Suspensions
More March Madness: The Persecution of Jamar Samuels
Stupid or Lying: Wildly Overpaid Faculty Edition
Buying a Coal-Powered Car
Fire ant colonies seem to be down dramatically
It’s true: Cities are meaner. Urbanites are viewed as selfish and unconcerned about others. Research proves it — but for surprising reasons
When Poverty Was White
In Boston, ‘tonic’ gives way to ‘soda’
Keeping Up With the Slightly Richer Neighbors
Bolivia and Argentina: They Said “No” to the Austerity Jackals – and Prospered
What the latest revelations on test cheating really mean
They Work Hard For The Money

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