Links 3/17/12

Links for you. Science:

Viagra linked to sex diseases (from 2008, but seems relevant in current political climate)
Elephant Rolls Car!
As Cholera Season Bears Down On Haiti, Vaccination Program Stalls
A New Species in New York Was Croaking in Plain Sight
How can scientists actively engage with the media?


Little room for error in city’s grid
School Districts Wary of Federal Funding Fight
Expanding Or Privatizing Social Security: Clive Crook Isn’t Sure What He Wants to Do
Bank of America: Too Crooked to Fail
“toxic and destructive” Goldman Sachs and the Obama administration (we really have outsourced the government to Goldman Sachs)
Questions and Answers 3
The Liberation of Willard Romney: A Game Plan
Turkey for breakfast anyone?
Barely Literate? How Christian Fundamentalist Homeschooling Hurts Kids
The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say)
‘We Have No Choice’: One Woman’s Ordeal with Texas’ New Sonogram Law
This is Why the Kristols and their Herd of Rampaging Ilk Haz a Sad
Sandra Fluke’s Boyfriend Is the Jewwiest Jew that Ever Did Jew

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