This Is an Employment Number I Don’t Like

I don’t want to gloomy and doomy–if nothing else, a bad economy is more likely to lead to a Romney election. But, as I’ve written once or twice, people have to like this crap. And this doesn’t seem too likeable:


If I’m not mistaken, this is a demographic that Democrats are counting on–in particular, women. And then there’s this cheery story (boldface mine):

Some depressing facts: Nearly half of people ages 16 to 29 do not have a job. A quarter of those who do work in hospitality—travel, leisure, and, of course, food service. A study of 4 million Facebook profiles found that, after the military, the top four employers listed by twentysomethings were Walmart, Starbucks, Target, and Best Buy. The restaurant industry in particular is booming; one in 10 employed Americans now work in food service—9.6 million of us.

Maybe someone should do something about this.

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3 Responses to This Is an Employment Number I Don’t Like

  1. joemac53 says:

    This is part and parcel of the global race to the bottom for America. I don’t see where it will stop, and for that I am very sorry. I apologize to my kids (age 30, 28 and 20). I seriously don’t know if it will stop when our lifestyle resembles a second or third world country’s.

  2. Jackson says:

    I have to take issue with this. The only reason that the average wage is that high (and yes $11.68 and $9.92 is high these days for entry-level, 19-25) is because of that 19-25 group I’m betting quite a few have college degrees and are pulling the average higher. To be honest, the most accurate way to find out the average entry-level wage for 19-25 year old’s would probably be to look up the minimum wage in each state and that will be your answer. Or maybe I’m being too dramatic. Add a quarter to their minimum wage and that will be your average.

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