Links 3/15/12

Links for you. Science:

The opening moves of HIV
Rare diseases: Genomics, plain and simple
Why open science failed after the gulf oil spill (I’m not sure this is a failure of open science as much as a failure to have standard protocols)
An efficient journal
Snake-Hunting Labradors Rid Everglades of Invasive Pythons


Student Loan Bubble Nonsense: Peter Peterson and the Washington Post Mess Up on the Economy Yet Again
Why is tuition rising? (Because a subset of consumers can afford to pay full freight)
Should Libraries Get Out of the eBook Business? (I don’t own any eBook stuff and would rather have the BPL spend money on library exhibits personally)
Dogma vs. Evidence: Singular They
Make Not the House of Murrow
Forget Your Past
New Math
All Work and No Pay
Pretending Reconciliation Doesn’t Exist (I do love how the precious pragmatic pundits seem to ignore the reality that a lot of legislation could have been passed with 51 Senate votes through reconciliation)
<a href="“>David Cay Johnston on his trip to Stockholm (good, short video)
Rushbo-dammerung (good summary of the economics underlying the flight from Limbaugh)

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