Links 3/5/12

Links for you. Science:

High Levels of Resistant Bacteria On Meat (Again) (one caveat: “resistance to all drugs in a class” is resistance to all tested drugs in a class. Still disturbing)
Reading, Writing, and Writing Code (at least in biology, coding seems to be the equivalent of PCR and basic molecular biology skills ~15 years ago)
The Research Works Act: a comment
Can Yogurt Prevent Yeast Infections?


Reagan, Obama, Austerity
Adrift in a Sea of Economic Data (also applies to educational ‘metrics’)
Charles Colson needs to be held accountable for lying
The invisible welfare state of the top one percent
How, and How Not, to Improve the Schools
Teaching by the Numbers
Has Rush Limbaugh Finally Gone Too Far in Slut-Shaming Sandra Fluke?
Rush Limbaugh Has No Idea How Birth Control Works

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  1. Anna says:

    Thanks for linking to my yogurt piece. It was fun to research and I’m flattered you included it on this list — so many other great links here! Keep helping idiots!

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