The Next Time Someone Mentions Moderate Republicans…

…bring this from a story about the Conservative Public Action Conference to his or her attention (boldface mine):

Jennifer Jones, 27, said Thursday that she had joined about 50 others from Los Angeles to support Mr. Santorum, taking an overnight flight after being inspired by the candidate’s Tuesday victories. Jason Jones, 40, a film producer and anti-abortion activist from Glendale, Calif., said he “called all my friends to urge them to come.”

Several conservatives said Mr. Santorum’s victories this week have quickly turned around the skepticism that many felt about his rag-tag campaign, which has struggled to raise money and build an organization.

The only concern that most conservatives have about Rick is whether he could win. He’s rapidly dispelling that concern,” said Richard Land, the president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Not that he’s bugshit crazy, mind you. Not that he doesn’t ‘believe in’ manmade global warming. Not that he thinks contraception is wrong. No, the only concern is that the rest of us, aka the Coalition of the Sane, might be utterly repelled by the man.

Remember: they do not rethink or reconsider, they regroup and rearm.

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