Links 3/3/12

Links for you. Science:

UT study to reduce fire ant population by creating “zombie ants”
On systems biology and bullshit
The emergence of modern behaviour
Bacterial Thunderdome: Decoding virulence, spiteful interactions, and diversity


Rick Santorum, Meet My Son: He has a degenerative disease that has left him blind, paralyzed, and increasingly nonresponsive. If I had known before he was born, I would have saved him from suffering. (odd how ‘Judeo-Christian’ values seem to exclude the ‘Judeo’ experience…)
When common sense fails (must-read)
Cathy O’Neil: Economists Don’t Understand the Financial System (Quelle Surprise!)
On Fun In Haiti
Ayn Rand Worshippers Should Face Facts: Blue States Are the Providers, Red State Are the Parasites: There’s only one way to demonstrate who America’s producers and parasites really are. It’s time to go Galt.
Tea Party Pig People and the National Debt
Greed Isn’t Good: Wealth Could Make People Unethical
Speed Bumps On The Transvaginal Highway
The WaPo MMT Post Explosion: Matthew Yglesias’s Reaction to MMT
Obama’s Malign Neglect of Federal Judiciary Redux

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