Links 2/8/12

Links for you. Science:

Interesting new metagenomics paper w/ one big big big caveat – critical software not available “
Authorship without responsibility?
Diamond attempts to defend myths of Easter Island: Lipo and Hunt respond
The Invisible Barriers to Women in Science


Lies, Damned Lies, and Politics
Jobs Reports- Good News for Whom?
T is for Trouble (just raise the damn gas tax, and fix the T and the roads already)
Leveling the field: What I learned from for-profit education
Fundamental Flaws In The IFF Report On D.C. Schools
Newark Public Schools: Let’s Just Close the Poor Schools and Replace them with Less Poor Ones?
Apple Always Preaches The Gospel Of Minimalism. Why Aren’t There Other Religions?
Anonymous May Have Completely Destroyed This Military Law Firm
End the occupation
Speaking To Corporate Execs, Larry Summers Mocks Opponents Of Outsourcing As “Luddites” (he’s still an asshole)
Bill Gates Praises CEO of Washington Post’s Kaplan Unit, Whose Profits Benefit Gates Foundation
Amazon Spends $156,000 To Win Tax Break Costing South Carolina $2.5 Million A Year
For evidence of a war on workers, look no further than the rise of the lockout

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