Links 2/1/12

Links for you. Science:

Seeking the Secrets of the Super Long-Lived
Climate Change: The New Battlefield in Science Education
A visit to the North Carolina Museum for Natural Sciences (seems like a cool museum)
TDR-TB: The Indian Government Denies It (it’s as if the Indian government wants to kill off its nascent medical tourism industry)


Who cares how “deserving” the poor are?
Doug Smith: Useful Idiot Watch – Matt Yglesias (never forget that Yglesias’ initial claim to fame was as a foreign policy pundit–and his first proclamation was that the Iraq War was a good idea. While he was of prime service age. Just saying)
India Factory Workers Revolt, Kill Company President (why the 0.1% isn’t terrified of this in the U.S., a heavily armed nation, escapes me)
Is Thomas Friedman More Incoherent Than Usual? (how could one possibly assess this? Heh)
A Brief Theory of the Republican Party, 2012
How to freak people out with probability theory (if someone were to hack the Super Bowl scoreboard and run this, that would be awesome)
Millennials entering the workforce need affordable housing
A Special Note On The Absolute Stupidity Of The Expansionary Austerity Movement
Those Strapping Young Bucks And Their Drying Machines
In Bad Faith: New Study Further Underscores Lack of Truth in Anti-Choice Claims (remember, nothing in movement conservatism makes sense except in the light of creationism)
Hustlin’: The Rise of the Privileged Poor
Gingrich Wants Kids To Work As Janitors, But Refused To Work Himself
Rather Too Long An Argument Against Douthat, Now that I Wrote It Out
Greece to leave the Eurozone and become a German colony
Romney, Basking in a Ray of Reality, Faces Real Test

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