Links 1/23/12

Links for you. Science:

Theorist for Hire
Momday: On Parenting, Science, and Trust
When can we expect the last damn microarray paper?
Creationist paper in a medical journal
Primed by expectations – why a classic psychology experiment isn’t what it seemed (comments #8-10 are fun. Wonder what the response will be)


“The Workers are Animals. Let’s Replace Them with Robots.” (must-read; sociopathy in the boardroom isn’t confined to the West apparently)
Economics is people not arithmetic
Guilty Until Proved Innocent
South Carolina values
How Big-Time Sports Ate College Life
How not to do non-monogamy
Philips Unveils Sexy Urban Beehive Concept
Five Things You Probably Don’t Know About Food Stamps
$1 Million Dollar Prize! Can You Find Someone Who Holds the View That Steve Rattner Rants Against In the NYT?
Energy efficiency: still awesome, still ignored
Catholic Leaders Call On Gingrich And Santorum To ‘Stop Perpetuating Ugly Racial Stereotypes’ About Poverty
Is Being an Ideologue a Contributor to Stupidity?
Inefficient and unfair

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  1. Drivebyposter says:

    The Bug Girl over at Skepchick did an article/post about that beehive. It is not a real thing and if it was a real thing the designer is pretty much either evil or stupid.

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