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Maybe Sebelius Will Overule the FDA Again (on Antibiotic Resistance)?

Let me get this right: Plan B–bad and the FDA should be overruled; preventing needless antibiotic use in agriculture…also bad but should not be overruled? In fairness, I don’t know if Secretary Sebelius can overrule the FDA decision to not … Continue reading

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Links 12/26/11

Once again, the evil minions of Our Dark Lord Soros failed in our War on Christmas. But there’s always next year! To tide you over, here are some links. Science: Last-minute wins for US science Causes are hard. Explaining pharma’s … Continue reading

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Art Inspired By the Deep Ocean

The Smithsonian’s Natural History has a very cool art installation in the Marine Hall. It’s by Chinese artist Shih Chieh Huang who was inspired by deep sea life. Here’s a couple of videos. Part one: Part deux:

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Links 12/25/11

Yes, it’s Christmas, but you want to know how I still got links? I pepper-sprayed the fucking elves (teach them to agitate for better working conditions). Science: Tom Coburn Flip-Flops on NSF Funding of Political Science Research Mystery Of Amazonian … Continue reading

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If That Mild Winter Weather Has Got You Down…

…we can always jump back to 1917-1934 in Boston (from here): Here’s one from 1920: And too bad, they hadn’t invented snow blowers yet:

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Gut Yontif!

First, let’s revisit this beautiful statement to my landsmen from the Chinese Restaurant Association (and Doctorow has got nuthin’ on the Mad Biologist: Now, let’s do this old school:

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Links 12/24/11

Links for you. Science: “The difference between . . .”: It’s not just p=.05 vs. p=.06 Bizarre Kelvin-Helmholtz Waves Appear Over Alabama Got a genome + transcriptome. Now what? Scholarly Publishing: Purdue University Signs New One-Year, $2.9 Million Contract With … Continue reading

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Doggie Bag

A fellow holiday traveler:

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I Think the MFA Is Getting a Little Too Post-Modern

Observed in a bathroom at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts: Either a maintenance person has a good sense of humor, or this is a brand new installation in the new wing’s mens room.

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Links 12/23/11

Links for you. Science: The Problem With Science Evolution at warp speed: Hatcheries change salmon genetics after a single generation Novel use of drug saves children from deadly E. coli bacteria disease Cloning vs. conservation Other: The unseen hand (must-read) … Continue reading

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