Links 12/25/11

Yes, it’s Christmas, but you want to know how I still got links? I pepper-sprayed the fucking elves (teach them to agitate for better working conditions). Science:

Tom Coburn Flip-Flops on NSF Funding of Political Science Research
Mystery Of Amazonian Tribe’s Head Shapes Solved
What the Heck is Research Anyway?
Beggar Mosquitoes


The Meme that Refuses to Die: Government Debt Must Be Paid Back (must-read; similar thoughts here)
Ron Paul’s ‘Principles’ (must-read)
Governor Cuomo Is Still Governor One Percent
Have the “culture wars” gotten worse?
Concentrated Poverty
Embracing ‘Braveheart,’ GOP Pols Seem Infatuated With Martyrdom
Rex Sorgatz: LA is the future (kill me now)
Michael Olenick: The Administration Likes Foxes in Charge of Henhouses – Proof that OCC Foreclosure Reviews Are a Sham
As We Leave Iraq, Remember How We Got In
“We Own Wall Street”: How small shareholders, pension funds, and mutual funds can stop corporate America’s worst behavior and ignite a political movement.
Philip Mirowski: The Seekers, or How Mainstream Economists Have Defended Their Discipline Since 2008 –Part IV

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