Links 12/28/11

Links for you. Science:

Strain Game: Could information about a lab-made virus really help evildoers create a biological weapon?
CDC: Whether your food-related illness gets investigated depends on which state you live in (MMWR)
Why some viral information should be withheld
Why do scorpions glow in the dark (and could their whole bodies be one big eye)?
Dear Kate: I am a science provocateur


The Haves’ Children Are Healthier Than the Have-Nots’
Peace on Earth
Jewish Christmas
When Education ‘Reform’ Lessons Go Unlearned
Test Scores Often Misused In Policy Decisions
Falling home values mean budget crunches for cities
Lessons For Protesters From Terrorists
How Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories May Pose a Genuine Threat to Humanity: Tea Partiers, freaking out about “Agenda 21” and convinced global warming isn’t real, are gumming up the works for those trying to save the planet. (this is yet another reason why we can’t have nice things)
Antebellum libertarianism
Ron Paul’s Friends Speak! (I bet he wish they didn’t)
Ron Paul Offers Conor Friedersdorf a $224 Value for Just $99–and Friedersdorf Buys It
Robert Samuelson Again Forgets What He Said About the Budget Deficit

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