Links 12/16/11

Links for you. Science:

Oh, hello! Why yes, that’s my crotch! (Part 1)
NCCAM in the news: Why does it still exist? (one thing non-NIH savvy people should realize is that an institute’s brief really does set the agenda: NCCAM isn’t the institute for figuring out the psychology underlying the placebo effect)
Genes for Intelligence – Back to Square One
Swine Flu: Why Risk It?


Today in Rape Culture (must-read)
Strange Bedfellows: Militias Exercise Their Second Amendment Rights To Protect Occupy Phoenix! (this is truly bizarre–we’re talking about self-described neo-Nazis protecting OWS site)
Victim-blaming and social control (and men, do you really want to live in a world where women can’t have a few drinks? I don’t)
A Muscular Empathy
My Struggle With ADD: Using Cocaine to Fight the Symptoms
What is the Real Unemployment Rate, and How Could We Tell? (unemployment is worse than we thought)
Ever Wonder What Medical Doctors Have To Say About Airport X-Ray Body Scanners?
The Book of Jobs
Put the Zombie of Voting Inequality Back in Its Tomb Already
Baby Seal Breaks Into House and Curls Up on Sofa
Why Oh Why Can’t We Have a Better Press Corps? No, High Unemployment Is Not Primarily the Result of “Generous” Unemployment Insurance Benefits
Economics of bike lanes (the key point is that once you get into externalities, reality gets very flexible)
Ignore the piracy

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