Links 12/13/11

Links for you. Science:

The disappearance of the elephant caused the rise of modern man 400,000 years ago
A Democrat Undermines Science
Toxic Red Tides Can Attack By Air, Too
Why Calorie Counts Are Wrong: Cooked Food Provides a Lot More Energy


Going Joad (must-read)
The Secret Problem With That Testing Column (on math illiteracy)
MMT: A Doubly Retrospective Analysis
Living By Default (I’ve been making this point since the beginning of the crisis)
Two Big Utilities Debunk Wall Street Journal, Industry Lies about Clean Air and Reliability
Two top think tanks may cut ties with former AIPAC spox for calling critics `anti-Semitic’ (it only took thirty years, but finally there’s a price to be paid for spewing this bullshit)
Class Matters. Why Won’t We Admit It?
When Fox News tries to make a chart
“Witch Cottage”? No. Cat Burial? Maybe.
It’s Missing Louisville, Fresno, and Parts of Thailand. But I still love my globe.
No, Entrepreneurs Like Steve Jobs Do Not ‘Create Jobs’ By Inventing Products Like The iPhone

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  1. Mark Centz says:

    Damn it Mad Biologist, your links posts have filled my spare reading time. I’d thank you, but damn it!

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