Links 12/12/11

Links for you. Science:

Dear Newspapers: Individual Studies Do Not Exist In A Vacuum
How acquiring The Knowledge changes the brains of London cab drivers
Galaxy Joins Host of Bioinformatics Projects Embracing Cloud as Infrastructure Option
Why Good Time Estimators Are Better at Math


Richard Land offers qualified opposition to beating people to death
Can 11-Year-Olds Use Plan B Safely? (yes. Besides, most teenagers can’t afford to buy an overdose)
Iowa Debate Preview: A Playing Field Made of Gingrichism
HHS: Let’s Treat ALL Women Like Children
Are Tea Partiers racists? (fine, they’re not racist, they just stereotype a lot and are highly prejudicial. Still assholes though)
Dear Abby: Am I Paranoid Enough?
Mark-My-Beliefs-to-Market Time: I Should Make This an Annual Observance (I like DeLong because he’s honest; see here)
Completely Wrong Today, Completely Wrong Tomorrow, Completely Wrong Forever!
Sheriff Joe: the child molester’s friend (read to the end; it’s quick)
The myth of the “independent” voter, and the cynical stupidity of the Third Way
Chris Paul: The Occupier and the Occupied
Obama’s Amazing Ability to Rile Up the Left While Gaining Nothing from the Right
Obama: “As the Father of 2 Daughters” I Want the Government to Ignore Science
Time to Occupy the Internet Before It’s Too Late

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