In Light of the Plan B Decision, This Quote Seems Awkward

President Obama, Dec. 6, 2011:

Well, I want to start by thanking a few folks who’ve joined us today. We’ve got the mayor of Osawatomie, Phil Dudley is here. (Applause.) We have your superintendent Gary French in the house. (Applause.) And we have the principal of Osawatomie High, Doug Chisam. (Applause.) And I have brought your former governor, who is doing now an outstanding job as Secretary of Health and Human Services — Kathleen Sebelius is in the house. (Applause.) We love Kathleen.

Maybe not so much love from some of us.

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1 Response to In Light of the Plan B Decision, This Quote Seems Awkward

  1. Newcastle says:

    Minors can’t get birth control pills in Utah (and many other states) without parental consent unless they are married. So if Plan B is made freely available then the policy will drive teenage girls to take Plan B routinely. The drug isn’t meant for routine use. If Plan B is to be made available to teenagers without parental consent then standard oral contraceptives need to be equally available. You can’t have a policy that will drive teenage girls to serially use something as strong as Plan B. You have to know that is exactly what will happen. Making Plan B easily available while preventing equal access to the pill is horrible public policy.

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