Links 11/7/11

Links for you. Science:

Waters of change: An accidental experiment in America shows how evolution happens
Weird Anti-Science – Donna Bethell, SEPP, and Sandia National Laboratories
Big Move: Chicago Schools To Buy Antibiotic-Free Chicken
Credit Where It Is Due


How Wall Street Occupied America (must-read; Bill Moyers isn’t allowed to die. Period)
Smearing Social Security
Tea Party Economics Is Republican Economics
Conscience of a Radical: Corey Robin’s “The Reactionary Mind”
Raw Data: NAEP Reading Scores in Grades 4 and 8
‘He has a right to speak,’ said the cop to the banker (while some police have been thuggish, it’s interesting that the powers that be are slowly losing control of their monopoly on violence)
Six Thoughts About Misogyny And Popular Culture
Festering anger, Nazi war crimes and the £60bn the Greeks believe the Germans owe them
Can a Commercial Be Too Sexy For Its Own Good? Ask Axe
Why we subsidise arts majors
Crime gets worse even when it’s not
What passes for smart on the Greek Debt Crisis

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  1. physicalist says:

    ‘He has a right to speak,’ said the cop

    I really liked reading that.

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