Links 10/21/11

Links for you. Science:

On Grad School Preparedness
The Story of Spigelia genuflexa, or, Why Biology Needs YOU
Separate the facts from flu fiction
Microbial Myths: Common misconceptions about microbes in the built environment


David Brooks Does Not Get the Moral Norm of Being Broke (that’s because he’s a putz)
Generation X Doesn’t Want to Hear It
The Mother Majority: Women with children have more abortions than anyone else, and by an increasingly wide margin. So why is the topic taboo?
Smaller Shelters and Persuasion Coax Homeless Off Bronx Streets
The Partisan and the Political
Real Change No Longer Just “Vote”
Growing Old in Ron Paul’s America
A comment on circumcision (as I’ve noted before, my circumcised Jewish prick works fine for all relevant functions)
Making Sense of Michelle Rhee’s Legacy and Teacher “Churn and Burn”
The US right’s response to ‘We are the 99%’? ‘We are the 53%’: A Tumblr set up to criticise the Occupy Wall Street and ‘99%’ movement is both strange and shockingly incoherent

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  1. physicalist says:

    Generation X just wants a beer and to be left alone.

    Heh. Too true!

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