Links 6/15/11

Links for you. Science:
E. coli data released under Creative Commons 0 license
In Pictures: Spotting weedy seadragons of Australia
Beavers get tough defending their turf
Aggregative plasmid – new E. coli genome from HPA
After David Koch Leaves NIH Board, NIH Hands Down Long-Delayed Classification Of Top Koch Pollutant As A Carcinogen
Chemical Free Crazies
Building Better Kids: It’s the Preschools, Stupid
The Giant Banks Are ALREADY State-Sponsored … So Why Not Create Public Banks to at Least Share the Gains, Help Out Main Street, and Grow Our Local Economies?
It’s all about sex, and that’s the shame
How police are turning military
TDS Strategy Memo:Why can’t the Dems make jobs a winning political issue? It seems like it should be a “slam dunk” but it’s not. Here’s why
Down with History (of course, we shouldn’t be slashing history or art)
Class, power & ideology
Sarah Palin’s Last Word on Paul Revere

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  1. uncle Glenny says:

    Classifying formaldehyde as a carcinogen ought to set Jennie McCarthy’s pants on fire…

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