Links 4/6/11

Feds to College Students: “We don’t want your professors to know how to teach”
The Claim: Dental Cavities Can Be Contagious.
A correlation between gut bacteria and obesity.
Plenty more bugs in the sea
Measurements That Mislead: From the SAT to the NFL, the problem with short-term tests
Transferable skills
In Reforming Social Security the Problem is Not How Good the Country Is, the Problem is How Good the Political System Is
I Know How Wisconsin Professor Feels as a Target of GOP Thugs
The Problem Is the News Reporting, Not Just Editorials: More From Ezra Klein on Social Security
Ohio’s for-profit charter schools make great businesses, crappy educators
Wachovia Paid Trivial Fine for Nearly $400 Billion of Drug Related Money Laundering
People in the USA are confused about the Federal Budget
Quelle Surprise! The Democrats Have a Candidate for the Presidency!

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  1. Katharine says:

    The Dunning-Kruger, it is strong with the Republicans.

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